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Hair Games
Hair salon challenge Hair salon challenge
Play this exciting game. Pick the scissor and snip the hair. Then take the curling iron and style your hair.
Be a hairdresser Be a hairdresser
Give Naina the hair style that she desires as she has come to your salon knowing that no one does hairs better than you.
Beauty Studio Beauty Studio
Run the Beauty studio and help maria buy new machines with the money that she earns.
Right Hair Victorian Right Hair Victorian
Memorize the hair style and make up of the girl shown in the frame and imitate it.
Hairstyle Fashion Surprise Hairstyle Fashion Surprise
Choose the hairstyle that you want . Make her look prefect. Then click on surprise and see the surprise that we have for you.
Hairdressing Girl Hairdressing Girl
Nana needs a new look . She has come to you for help. Snip snap her hair and work your magic.
Cute Hair Styling Cute Hair Styling
Nancy desperately needs a makeover. She has come to your salon so you have to choose a look for her that will make her look like she is the fairest of them all.
Pet Hairstyle Design Pet Hairstyle Design
Don't leave your pet behind when it comes to fashion. Make your pet look as pretty as you.
Instyle Celebrity Hair Instyle Celebrity Hair
Get the celebrity look that you want . Choose from Lady Gaga to Rihanna. Try out all the cool hairstyles.
Funky Hairstyles Funky Hairstyles
Get the coolest looks in town. Its time to get funky.
 Fashion Stars Hairdo Fashion Stars Hairdo
Go to the salons and get any Celeb's hair cut. Its simple .
Hairstyling Secrets Hairstyling Secrets
Jennifer is bored of her hair style and wants a new look. Take her shopping and give her a new hairstyle.
Fashion Hairstyles Fashion Hairstyles
Run your very own salon. You have a new customer who wants a new hair style. Help her choose the right cut.
Hair Cutting Games
Student hair cut Student hair cut
Give the students a free haircut. After all they have only little to spare.
Right Hair Right Hair
This is a cool hair cutting game.You have to study the hairstyle carefully and copy it.Sounds simple? Try the game.
My New Hair My New Hair
Go to the salon and pamper yourself. Get a new cut and some funky highlights.
Cute Hair Salon Cute Hair Salon
This little Cutie wants a new hairstyle . why won't she because after all school will reopen very soon and she wants to look her best.
Hair Salon Games
Hair Salon Mixed Hair Salon Mixed
Working in a salon is not easy. On a busy day you will wish you had more hands and a clear head.
O My Head O My Head
You work in a salon. You have to cut the customers hair. Do not let the hair grow too long or else the game will end.
Billu's Shop Billu's Shop
This is a fun game where you have to cut men's hair. Get to know what it is like to work in a men's salon.
Hair Styling Salon Hair Styling Salon
Pick a hair and chose the style and hair colour. Then click 'Show Polly' or click 'Surprise'
Hollywood style prefect hair Hollywood style prefect hair
You work in the best salon in Hollywood. the Star love to get their hair done there. Keep the stars happy and do what they desire.
Big Mama Big Mama
Help Big Mama run her salon and provide the best service to her customers.
City Salon City Salon
You work at the best city salon. Get ready for another busy day. Give the customers the kind of hairstyles that you want. You will be given targets that you have to complete.
Hair Styling Games
Forest Hair Salon Forest Hair Salon
Who said that those who live in the forest are wild. Even the forest has a salon and you are the manager.
Hair Stylist Hair Stylist
Little Nancy needs a new hair style and you being the best hairstylist in town, She wants you to do her hair.
Hair Style Wonder Hair Style Wonder
Match your hair style with the one displayed on the right hand side.
Hair Spa Games
Tessa's Spa and Salon Tessa's Spa and Salon
Tessa's Spa needs your help. Help her make her customers look good.
Pet Spa Challenge Pet Spa Challenge
Every one has called in sick and you have to be at the pet salon all alone. Its gonna be a busy day.
Mini cute Spa Mini cute Spa
This spa game is perfect for all the little girls. In this game you will be shown a before and after picture. Give your model a cute makeover.

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